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Zhuhai RC Flyers Network is looking for an indoor flying site in Zhuhai

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4 July, 2009
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I’d like to make an appeal to anyone out there in Zhuhai who might be able to, either provide, or direct the members of Zhuhai RC Flyers Network (see our page on deltaexpats) to, an indoor flying site where we can fly out electric powered, “micro” RC helicopters and/or fixed-wing models. An indoor basketball court or a warehouse with a high ceiling and plenty of open space would be ideal. Of course, we would only want to use this space for a few hours after normal business hours or on weekends. If anyone knows of such a space, please PM me with the details, and I’ll respond with my private email address and mobile # so that we can work out the details. A visit to an indoor flying session would be a great opportunity for all of you photographers out there to get some really interesting shots for your collections.

1 January, 1970
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I will fly too