Where to buy laptop?

Where to buy laptop?

Where is the best place to buy a laptop in Zhuhai? And how about the prices? Would it be better to go to Macau or HongKong?

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Price will be a bit cheaper in HK and Macau.
In Zhuhai, you can go to Wanzai Sha in Xiangzhou:

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One thing to remember is that in China you may not get a worldwide warranty, even on the likes of Toshiba. I bought a Toshiba in HK because of this and it pooed itself in Australia. It was fixed for free, that wouldn't have happened if I had bought it in China.

Why don't you check them out in Computer World, the group of shops on the corner just past Jusco in Xiangzhou, make your choice and buy it in HK?

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As far as I am concerned you do get warranty for all electronics in Wanzaisha. Computers usually have 1 year of warranty.