What happened to Zhuhai on Google Maps?

What happened to Zhuhai on Google Maps?

What's going on with Google Maps, most of Gongbei, Jida are gone?

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Really? Just yesterday it was there. I have google maps on my phone - works fine...

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Yep very strange, I've noticed it's been like that for over a week now and yet the sattelite version is fine!!!!


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I just read on Bloomberg news that Google may lose its license to operate its web site in China. At present searches are being redirected to Hong Kong and if Google keeps doing this the government here is going to pull the plug on the company. All their services could be impacted. So if you use Gmail think about a backup plan.

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You probably have a cached version of the map on your phone. If it reloads then it will look like the photo that I uploaded. This happened a few weeks ago.

I know there has been some news recently about mapping licenses in China but I don't think this related to that, seems more like a technical problem.

On another topic, has anyone else been getting alot of "page has been reset" errors when doing google searches and then unable to access google pages for a few minutes? It has always done this when searching for "sensitive" topics but lately it is doing it randomly for all kinds of "normal" searches.

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Maybe it is a new development plan and they already post it on internet. If you make a huge parking lot on the place where Zhuhai stands now, you would solve a parking problems in Macao, and majority of mainland tourists could drive to here, leave the car and go to gamble in Macao. Also it would make it a world biggest parking lot, so it would direct some tourism into Pearl River Delta.

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Hmmm I don't know. Once I am on Latitude it has to refresh to show current location and places. Which is basically reloading. Will check again later.
Haven't got the error but did notice that our current building where live in is still marked as the foundation it was before it was built (which is 3 or so years ago). Some locations have been added and updated but some haven't.

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This list shows the status of Google services in China. Maps is not on the list. But it may be useful for some.


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I was reading some news on whole Google activity in China. There are some ummm troubles :o) translate.google.com isn't working well either.

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It is worse than that. I also use Google translate with my phone and it has not been functioning well lately. My phone is Android operated. I got a text message from a Taiwanese friend about a meeting tomorrow. But the message showed that it was sent from an Australian contact. How this is possible I can not even imagine. However it is a concern to me.

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In Shenzhen an aera east of Luo Hu has the same problem to be missing in the map.

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Hi All,

I've just read on the BBC News website that Google's licence to operate has just been renewed by the Chinese Goverment. I wonder if normal service will now resume on Google Maps ?

Chris O ;-)

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Oh yeah. Google translate is back :o)

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Google maps is back. But as before, the satellite view is only well synced with the Chinese version.

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I heard ditu.google.com has more information than maps.google.com

also for those of you using gps phones(iphone) in china. there's a 500 meter offset for all gps devices bought outside of china. they do this so that you have to buys a gps device inside the country. whenever I pull up the maps view on my iphone and try to locate my own position, it's always off 500 meters or so. satellite view works fine, but I need to see the street names.

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Hello, all you iPhone users out there

Regarding FeiWeiWay's comment about the offset in China:
I also had the problem on my iPhone4 bought here in China. But there is a nice app to overcome this, called "ABCMaps".
Just visit Apple's App Store, search for the name, and install it. Afterwards, your position will be shown precisely and accurate! (The map material seems to be the same as in Google Maps. You also have map view as well as satellite view, and it shows real-time traffic situation, if available.)
And the icing on the cake: the app is free of charge...!

Have fun

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I just tried this app and it doesn't work for me. It still seems to be off by a few hundred meters. And it shows Lover's Road being about 200 meters into the sea, the same as Google Maps does.

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Google maps work fine on our phones bought in Macau. But we also use Ovi maps and can find most of the places without any problem.