Visa for child?

Visa for child?

Help would be appreciated. We have received 3 different answers to the following situation....

I am American.
My wife is Chinese.
Our 23 month old daughter was born in China and has both a Chinese passport and a US passport.
She left China 7 months ago using a lu xing zheng issued by the Zhuhai PSB.

We are returning to China. Does she need a visa or can she get through immigration using her Chinese passport?

We have been told (all by the Chinese Consulate in Chicago).....

She is less than 2 yrs old so she does not need a visa.
She is less than 21 yrs old so she does not need a visa.
She needs a visa.

Anyone know the real story?


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If she is entering on her US passport, yes, she needs visa. If entering on her Chinese passport - no. You technically shouldn't have both Chinese ID and American passport. China doesn't officially recognize dual citizenship.

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My limited understanding is that if she enters using her Chinese passport, the next time she leaves to go to the US again she will require a US visa in her Chinese passport to exit the country. She has already used her one time Exit/Entry Permit.

It seems like the US consulate might react awkwardly to giving a US visa to a US citizen. Am I right?

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I think for such formalities you have to consult American Embassy in Beijing or Consulate in Guangzhou - they would know better. I'm not an American but rules are the same for everyone - If she is entering China on her US passport she needs visa for China despite her age. If she enters on her Chinese passport you need to find out for sure whether you can leave US on American passport and enter on Chinese in China. I'm currently in a similar situation but in our case it is dual citizenship with other countries, not China.