Sanya VISA upon arrival or no VISA at all

Sanya VISA upon arrival or no VISA at all

I read on the internet that it is possible to simply land at Sanya airport without a VISA if there are 2 people and they intend to stay for 21 days. It says that no visa is needed to stay there for up to 21 days.

I also read on the internet that a VISA upon arrival is provided for people from following countries(i may have missed out some other countries though)

South Korea, Japan, Russia Federation, Malaysia, USA, Singapore, Germany, Thailand, UK, Canada, France, Australia, Indonesia, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Philippines, New Zealand, Finland, Demark, Norway, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

I am a bit surprised to find out that one can actually land into China without a VISA.....I guess Hainan is trying to help its tourism industry!

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Where did you read this, please? That is to say, how reliable is the source?

Did your source explain why there must be two people?

Also, I assume that there must be a flight from Hong Kong (where entry visas are automatic) directly to Sanya, right?

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mmm, my understanding is anyone from one of the countries above can spend upto 14days w/o visa or whatsoever in any parts of china? I actually landed onto china totally visa free and had no problem. I had to get down to macau every two weeks to reset my passport status till my "z" visa was approved though.
Is it true that 1 year multiple entry working visa isnt issued any longer?

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Following text is from Chinese Embassy website:

"Citizens holding ordinary passports issued by the following nations is exempted from applying for a visa if he or she joins international tourist group organized by any of the registered travel agencies in Hainan Province which is approved by China National Tourism Administration and stay up to 15 days: Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, U.K, U.S., Finland, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine and Kazakhstan"

And this about visiting PRD:

"Citizens holding passports issued by the nations with diplomatic relations with China is exempted from applying for a visa if he or she joins tourist group at Hong Kong and Macao organized by registered travel agencies in Hong Kong and Macao to visit the Pearl River Delta region (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Zhaoqing, Huzhou Municipalities) for tourism and stay up to 6 days."

I'm not sure exactly which countries are 'nations with diplomatic relations with China'?

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Yes, it is true about the tourist groups for Russian citizens - they can either obtain visa at the border with China (if they hold an invitation letter) or they join a tourist group in which case they are signed into a special list that allows them to stay in China for the limited amount of time and only in designated by this tour places.

I know before if you come from HK to PRD they'd give you 2 weeks visa at the border. But that was 2002 and not for everyone. Regulations change too.

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It's calling landing VISA.

You can get it in first port of entry for 14 days, but these type of visa are suspend everytime there is special event.

Last big one is Asian games, then was 60 anniversary of China, next maybe Mao's birthday or something.

rah's picture is a bit of information from official source...

A person who has relations with government in Hainan told me that Hainan is pushing its tourism industry and so they are offering VISA free entry for couples. :-) oiiii...sounds romantic!

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Ok this link says Europeans can get into China via Hainan VISA free....

Anyways, I am just glad to see at least some type of entries like this coming along....

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I wander what happen if a gay couple shows up.