Residential hotel in Zhuhai?

Residential hotel in Zhuhai?

Does anyone know of what would be called a "residential hotel" in the US in Zhuhai? Perhaps one large room, a tiny kitchen area and bath, where it would be reasonable to rent by the month? We are in Zhuhai indefinitely, but are not yet ready to commit to an apartment. Just wondering what the options might be.

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You can check:
Nan Oil Hotel
Silver Hotel
Yue Hai Hotel

(all listed in our directories)

They all provide serviced apartments (or residential hotel)。

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Thanks, Harry! I will check them out.

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Harry, I found the entries for Nanhai Oil Hotel and Silver Hotel, but could not find a reference to Yue Hai hotel. Nan offered an email address, while Silver only showed a telephone number. Should I have a Chinese friend make the initial inquiries?

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