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29 November, 2011

I really hate to complain....I was so excited a couple of years ago when Papa Johns came to town.

Now after 2 years I have given up....

First, I can't list the number of times that I have went there and have tried to order a 9" pizza only to be told that they are out of 9" crust. OUT OF 9" CRUST? Don't they tout that all their items are created fresh?

Anyway, being a good guy and wanting to eat Papa John's I always gave in and bought the 12" pizza.

Now, last week, there is a new pizza on the menu...Papa's Favorite or something like that... Tried to order, "Sorry new pizza we don't have the ingredients for this." I met my limit...stormed out and told the manager standing by the front door (in Chinese) that I was leaving for Pizza Hut and would not ever be coming back.

He said "bye-bye"...

So "bye-bye" Papa John's maybe other folks love you more than I do.

1 January, 1970

That's just another example of the lack of understanding of Customer Service I talked about in another thread.

I went there once a few years ago and ordered a Mexican or Texan pizza. Can't remember the name, but both the picture and text description showed jalapeno peppers. Do you think I got jalapeno peppers on my Mexican pizza? Noooooo.

1 January, 1970 there any decent place to get a pizza in Zhuhai? I detest Pizza Hut but I will not go back to Papa John's. I have tried other places too but just curious if any one out there has some good experiences?

Also, has anyone thought about using nang bread from the XinJiang restaurant as a pizza crust? That stuff is delicious and I think it would be great for a pizza crust!

1 January, 1970

make your pizza at home! I have a great device called Pate reussite (French make ) - reminds of an electric waffle maker but bigger. You can make excellent pizzas, pies, quiches inside. Better than oven. There are equivalents sold on taobao. I think i translated it something like electric pizza maker and taobao gave me a whole bunch of choice with reasonable prices. Around 200-300.

1 January, 1970

p.s. I'm yet to taste a really good pizza in zhuhai. No offence to anyone but all I tried was so-so.

1 January, 1970

I hear 'Portofinos' italian restaurant has pretty good pizza..

1 January, 1970

Try the "Spagetti House" just behind the McD in the Jida duty free center.

1 January, 1970

Can anyone give good directions to Portofino's? And a telephone number that they will answer?

They don't answer the telephone number listed in their advertisement on this site.

1 January, 1970

1 January, 1970

Portofinos in New xiangzhou?

1 January, 1970

in Xin Xiangzhou...on Renmin Road..if I find the business card I'll post the number

1 January, 1970

Here is the directory entry for Portofino:

Many more businesses are listed in our directory:

1 January, 1970

This Portofino number does not work?
(+86 756) 2602602

1 January, 1970

Oh yeah. That's the one for sure... (the restaurant).

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