Naughty keyboard

Naughty keyboard

I bought my laptop in Canada, and use Windows 7. My problem is that sometimes I inadvertently press the wrong keys (don’t know which ones) and suddenly instead of getting a letter, I’ll get a capital E with accent over it. Or instead of getting a question mark I'll get something else (I forget what for the moment).

This happens in WORD and in emails.

To correct the problem I must exit and re-enter the program.

Has anyone solved this problem?

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Problem solved. Was talking and typing on SKYPE with an American computer guy. Suddenly the problem surfaced again, and he and I did some experimentation. Turns out that I had set my language to "Canadian English" [wanting a bit of culture, you know :-) ], and that apparently creates the problem. Revert to US English keyboard and voila, the problem disappears. Now, this raises a new question, about why Windows 7 behaves that way, forcing the world of Windows users to adopt US English (surely an oxymoron?), but let that pass for now.

And to the American readers, JUST KIDDING!!