Live Bar: May 15th Zhouchao and his band

Live Bar: May 15th Zhouchao and his band

Data: May 15th
Time: 22:00
Ticket: 30 RMB
Tel: 0756--3352580 8561687 6621943
Add: Zhuhai Jida Garden Road, No.45 (Opposite to Xinhai Building, between Chunxing Hotel and Pingan Insurance. You can take No. 23 or 43 bus and get off at Xinhai Building Station.)

In China,Zhouchao is definitely a guitar hero. As a Guitarist ,he can express strong emotions full of energy in his performance, even without any effector. What makes his show worth seeing?
The answer is his unique way to play guitar. When he plays, you may hear a Chinese zither, you may hear Chinese five tone scale blended into Blues music----but there is just one guitar, magically weeping or roaring in his hands.
This time Zhouchao and his band Left make a tour to south. There is no spring story. Just enjoy your music. 

Zhouchao and his band Left’s homepage:

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