Gongbei Walmart?

Gongbei Walmart?

I was in Gongbei on Saturday night going to a wedding, when we passed a huge Walmart store. It didn't look open, but there were a lot of blue Walmart signs on the building, and it looked like it should have been open, i.e. there was not visible construcion still going on. Unfortunately it was dark and I don't know Gongbei too well and I was a little drunk, so I have no idea what the street it is on is called. It's on the right hand side of Ying Bin Road as you look towards Macau though. Somewhere between the Chang An Holiday Hotel and the Yijan Haoting Holiday Hotel.

I've Googled it and looked on the Walmart China website but there's no useful information in English.

I just wondered if anyone knew any more about it?

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They've been working on it for 4 years now. Not sure why the delay but it is scheduled to open... sometime :-)

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I see, thank you. To be honest, if it's anything like the one in Zhongshan I won't bother traveling to shop there. Carrefour is better in my opinion.

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the big walmart signs are downstairs my home. at the ling xiu cheng garden right of yin bin road.
they are still decorating and i think its still going to take a few months...