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11 March, 2009

A friend of mine needs to make two school uniforms in the old English stlye. That being the broad pinstripe with a dark background and bright yellow and red in the stripes, you know, the type of blazer you wore with a boater.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find any suitable fabic in Zhuhai (not likely?), or perhaps Macau or HK?

Oooo! I can add a picture, see below.



1 January, 1970

There are two possible places: Ningxi (a shopping area near GLV - kinda across the road towards Love Baby store). There are few tailors there and even if you don't see anything on display you can ask them for a specific fabric.
Option two: kinda opposite Phoenix garden there is a small road that goes up. They sell furniture there and there are few fabric places there as well.
Good luck

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