Ballroom Dancing and ZIS

Ballroom Dancing and ZIS

Does anyone know if ZIS still do ballroom dancing classes? I am interested to know where and when and how much!

Also where is ZIS located and how do we join!!


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ZIS... you mean the Zhuhai International School?

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Yes. She means that. Taffy, ZIS is on Qi Ao island. Quite far. I sent you a text on some details.
They have ballroom dancing for kids there atm and apparently planning to open an adult class. The same instructor teaches children and adult groups in Horizon Cove Club.

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Sorry for the confusion, I was sending the message whilst under instruction from the parents!! I am afraid CK on this occasion you are wrong!

I meant the Zhuhai Expat association, I thought they were called ZIS? In Shekou they are called SWIC and in SuZhou they EAS. Groups of women who organise activities for other lady expats. I am trying to find out where they hold meetings how do you join etc.

Reason, my parents are planning to come here for a long time and I want to get some info on what activities/days out to various places in and around Zhuhai that my mother and maybe father can join in with during the day. They love ballroom dancing, site seeing and are very interested in holding English corner events for people to improve their English & learn more about the UK. My father has a teaching degree and my mother has the TFEL qualification.

Any help and advice would be appreciated.

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Aaah. Then yes, of course. ZEA or EAZ I guess (?), not ZIS ;-))) Hence the confusion :o)))

I actually haven't heard any news from the expat association in years. There used to be some regular morning coffee meetings every Wednesday but that's about it. I personally don't know who is/was in charge.

If your parents are interested in holding EC, that is quite easy to organize. We were holding until this year regular free EC at our house and sometimes we were overwhelmed with guests (though it was fun!) - on occasions the number was nearly 30! Of course you can choose how many people you want to accommodate and whether you want to charge some small fee or not. We made amazing friends through EC and we still keep in touch. We had to put EC on pause for personal reasons (which you are aware of). We can talk more in private about it :-)

By the way, if you have a club house of some sort where you live, you could ask them if they would allow a free activity of ballroom dancing and invite some other expats in the area who would like to join. Else you can do just as the local people do - outside in your garden with a speaker and a USB :-)) In our garden we have people dancing every evening, not the line dancing but in couples and learning some steps. Quite interesting. T loves going over and dancing with me among them.

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Mystery solved the organisation is ZIA Zhuhai International Association. Does anyone know if ZIA is still in operation and where it is based?

Thanks for the info on English corner CG & ballroom dancing!

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In front of Yuan Ming Palace, there are two to three dance activities that you can join. Each group tucked to their own corner and having different sets of music. And there is one group that has Western dance music on play. Its like a free-style ballroom dancing. It usually ends at 9:30PM not because everyone is tired but because Yuan Ming Palace' floodlights are switched-off by that time.

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I have no news from ZIA for a while now... so I guess it may have died away.
We created this years ago in Zhuhai when there was only a few Foreigners around.
It would be good to launch it again though, as it is very helpful for newcomers.
If anyone has an interest, we will be happy to support!

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Thank you rex.dawei - I have spoken to my parents and they like the thought of joining such a class.

JJ- re ZIA, that is a great idea. I'm in who else is?