3G service in Zhuhai

3G service in Zhuhai

Does anyone have experience with 3G service in Zhuhai? Who is the best provider with the most stable service? What about costs? If I have an unlocked phone can I just purchase the service without before forced to buy a new phone?

I am interested in any comments and/or experiences. Thanks!

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I haven't tried in Zhuhai but I forgot to activate roaming and bought a China Unicom card when travelled to Beijing. The connection was quite fast on Nokia.
I read China Mobile has started 3G as well. I don't think you need to buy a new phone. There was a thread some time ago about 3G. Go back a few pages - one lady who posted actually works for China Unicom.

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Thanks cheekygal. I hadn't worked my way back far enough to find the old thread, but I have read through it now. Seems like China Telecom is the way to go. If anyone out there can throw out some general cost figures for an annual contract that would be helpful.

I will be bringing a Google Android with me in January. I don't actually use the 3G service for internet that often because the screen is just to small for comfortable surfing, but I have become hooked on the push mail feature and some of the other apps that I use regularly.

On the question posed in the previous thread about Edge speeds, I didn't see an real answer. At least here in the US Edge is dramatically slower than 3G and in fact seems to hang frequently trying to load a page. If it is your first go round then Edge may seem acceptable, but once you have tried 3G you will hate Edge.

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Only China Unicom will work as China Mobile has another standard (Chinese CDMA).

The most flexible plan if you use a lot of Data is around 68 RMB per month with 300 MB free, thereafter each Kb 0.0003 RMB, so a Megabyte costs around 0.3 RMB. I haven't found anything unlimted yet and the higher volume plans are not much cheaper than if you pay for excess, but you have to pay them every month and not only when you need more data.

They have other plans that give more voice minutes and less data, if your using pattern is that way (Tarif B)
The China Unicom Website has all information, at least in Chinese.

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thanks for this great info! I will look CU website - google chrome does decent translation! Dave, I envy you a little for we this is one phone we'd like to get our hands on!

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Thanks hktraveller.

Data usage here in the US is unlimited and I cannot find a way to see how much I actually use. Do you have any feel for how much usage 300MB equates to?

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Skype voice on the iPhone is about 2MB per minute (one up and one down). Let me know what exactly you do and I can tell you the traffic. I have a Huawei E5830 which is a battery operated device (to carry in the pocket. Not a phone though) that gives me wifi for 5 devices. There I can read the traffic real time.

If you paid for 3 GB you'd pay 886 monthly. If you use 3GB with the 300 MB plan you pay 918 in total, but are totally flexible on your usage.

I found this link in English by googeling and learnt, that there is a much cheaper plan for my Huawei unit.
There is a data only plan for my Huawei device, 1 GB for 80 RMB to 10 GB for 300 RMB, excess 1MB 0.10 RMB, which is much cheaper than the plans with voice.

This page doesn' show the 66 RMB plan which contains 50 voice minutes.

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I asked my son. He uses his phone a lot to go online, has a tool that reduces traffic and uses about 100 MB.

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Awesome post and link. Thanks, hktraveller!

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I recently bought an unlocked Samsung Galaxy phone and then got 3G service from China Unicom.

Making calls has been fine. No dropped calls. But the data connection is bad sometimes. Have to reload web pages, sometimes slow, etc. Not sure if there are adjustments I can make to the phone, or if it is just a problem with the network.

As far as data usage, my plan gives me 650 mb a month. I am constantly online with it, sending/receiving emails, chat, and going to websites. And do some downloading of applications, etc. 650 mb has been fine so far.

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Thanks, John. That gives me a good point of reference. It sounds like you are online more than I am, so 650 or less should be good for me.

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How much is the Huawei E5830? Can it also be used with China Mobile's 3G plan? Do you know if the computer city in Zhuhai has this?

Thanks in advance!


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I bought mine from Hornington in Hong Kong for HK$ 1000. It can be used with the China Unicom Modem plan, China Mobile is not 3g. It is CDMA, so not compatible.

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Better to go with the cheapest plan with 300 MB, unless you use 650 every month. The excess charges are very close to the higher priced plans.

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I am also using the China Unicom 3G service and so far I'm quite happy with it. Of course the speed is not as fast as one can get from providers back home, but overall this is the best one can get in China. I am paying 96 RMB per month and get a few hours of free phone calls as well as 300 MB worth of data. I use it everyday to receive both business and personal email on my HTC Desire and do a bit of online surfing as well. Very happy.