A new cultural landmark for Zhuhai: Beishan Hall

A new cultural landmark for Zhuhai: Beishan Hall


If the Oxford Street Fair is merely an attempt to diversify its business, the Beishan Project will be a breathtaking stunt that TPR will be engaged in.

Taking good use of the natural resources of the Beishan region, the development theme will highlight “old residences” in the hope to build up a nature-friendly complex of tourist attraction with art gallery, cultural exchange, sightseeing, leisure activity, vacation making as well as business negotiation as a whole. Beishan is a 100-year-old village with old residences of thousand-year time-honored Lingnan Culture of literary families and fantasy of artistic charm. It is around the commercial circle of the Pear River Delta and adjacent to the Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macao bridge connecting to the inter-city Guangzhou-Zhuhai Light Rail. It embraces the rolling ranges of Jiangjun Hill and is situated in the downtown of Nanping County. The rarity of old residences and the upscale skyscrapers are fully inclusive and equitable, which are gear to the spectacular skyline of Zhuhai.

The Beishan Old Residences will surely be an important humanity landmark of Zhuhai, a showcase of cultural heritage and urban cultural relics.

The official opening of the Beishan Hall will take place on Friday 31st July. This event is not open to the public but do not worry: there will soon be many opportunities to visit Zhuhai's new cultural landmark. Delta Bridges is also planning to have a weekly column to report on events and activities held at the Beishan Hall.

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