Beishan Hall highlights Guangdong artists

Beishan Hall highlights Guangdong artists


THE art exhibition titled Free Position -- 11 Oil Painters from Guangdong, opened in Beishan Hall in Nanping Town last Sunday.

The painters were born in the 1950s and 1960s and received their art education in the first half of the 1980s in different areas throughout China. They are now backbone teachers at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts or the middle school affiliated to it and representative of oil painters in Guangdong.

The art collections feature portraits, landscape and abstract figures and scenes that contain traditional Chinese culture and western oil painting techniques as well as the painters’ artistic perspectives, according to a spokesperson.

In the background of a live violin band and artistic settings of fresh flowers and plants, visitors from Zhuhai, Macao and surrounding areas mingled with the artists while tasting wines and snacks provided by local German Bavarian caterer Chris Huababaua. The spacious exhibition hall and the patio outside greatly balanced the atmosphere and movement.

The art exhibition is a brief summary of Guangdong oil painting, which holds a significant position in the field of China, noted Justine Xue, director of Beishan Hall. He said he believes that more oil paintings from Guangdong will come into limelight and gain popularity.

Yang Xiaoyan, director and professor of the Department of Journalism & Mass Communication of School of Communication & Design at Sun Yat-sen University, was among the 11 painters to showcase their oil paintings at the exhibition.

“As middle-aged artists in Guangdong, what we want to do is to strive for freedom -- freedom in art. We want to make our own voice, even if it is not so sweet and somewhat out of tone,” he said.

Since the development of Guangdong’s oil paintings over the past half century has not been carefully summarised, Yang said it would be great if someone does it for the sake of art and showed appreciation for Beishan Hall and the organisers. They are Beishan Hall and Huayi Gallery and the event was sponsored by Zhuhai Minghe Investment Co Ltd with support of TPR Education Management Ltd, Macao Foundation and TPR American English School.

JJ Verdun, co-operator of, found it interesting that he and his wife, Anais Zhang, have the same artistic taste when he named his favourite oil paintings. These were created by Wang Weijia, Zhang’s favourite teacher when she studied at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

The two paintings titled Sky Series created by Wang also became favourites of 11-year-old Zenon, a student at Zhuhai International School (ZIS). In his eyes, the Series I is like a helicopter flying over the ocean or the sea. “Also, it looks like a dragonfly flying to the sky or over the ocean, because there’s too many bad things on the ground and the dragonfly goes up in the sky to get good things and try to bring it down to make it beautiful,” he said.

For the Series II with the pink background, Zenon explained it’s like a plane flying across these mountains that look like sunset.

Wang, who showed immense interest in Zenon’s imagination, denied the idea of having a theme or ideas in his paintings. A fancier of weapons, he said his paintings are all related to a military background and his Sky Series are concerned about aircraft.

“It’s fun to paint, as you don’t know what’s happening next,” he said, showing disagreement to painting interpretation, especially over interpretation.

The exhibition site, with art, music, wine, snacks, traditional and beautiful surroundings, is a great venue for friends to meet and to improve one’s aesthetic taste, noted a Chinese woman who brought her 9-year-old son to visit the exhibition.

- Zhuhai Daily: Betty Lin

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