Top Climbing Gym


Block 8, Student Culture Village, United International Collage, Jinding, Zhuhai
珠海市唐家湾镇金凤路 北京师范大学-香港浸会大学联合学院(UIC)文化小镇8栋

A top climbing gym is open at Beijing Normal University, Jinding, Zhuhai.
The gym is about 200 squaremeters, and be divided to bouldering area and climbing area. The climbing wall, as you know,is manufactured by world top climbing wall supplier-Enterprise. The coach is named Abu, who is quite professional and experienced.
The gym offers all of the indoor climbing equipment, such as shoes, harness, bell, carabineer.
If you are interested in bouldering and climbing, you would go and have a try. Another surprise is the gym is free of charge before May.

Any detailed information please contact:
Lisa 15992653377(English),or Abu 15913250900 (Chinese&Cantonese).

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