Dr. Nicod Brings International Experience to Zhuhai Healthcare

Dr. Nicod Brings International Experience to Zhuhai Healthcare


“I have worked in many different specialties,” he told Delta Bridges last Monday. “One year in ophthalmology, a year in pharmacy, two years in pediatry, one year of surgery, and even dermatology.”

As the leader of a successful village practice for over 23 years, Nicod is fluent in several languages, a licensed sexologist, and possesses both a PhD and ten years of experience in medical education.

“What interests me most is psychosomatic medicine,” he says. “I am rather good with children and minute surgery.”

Surprisingly, medicine didn’t bring him to China, but rather romance. “I came here because I fell in love with a lovely Chinese lady,” he confessed. “We married, and as an English teacher she wanted to keep her job.” With four grown children and a long career behind him, he claims that the change of life is “invigorating”.

But Dr. Nicod’s experiences in China haven’t all been positive. Some things are just plain overwhelming, as any foreign visitor can appreciate. He admits that “...the way people drive is very strange. It works, but there are no rules! It’s very different than other countries where I’ve driven. There it’s rather easy: the biggest car goes first! Here it looks like a dance.”

The size of the country is also daunting. “Huge country!” he says. “It’s also a country that changes very rapidly. Switzerland is a nice country to live in of course, but it changes very, very slowly.”

Cooking is another challenge. “You can find almost everything here, except the materials for a good European kitchen. Cheese, for example. It’s the same in America though!” he says, laughing.

He also admits to mixed feelings about the Chinese health care system. “In terms of medicine, if you don’t speak Chinese it’s very difficult. It’s hard to get treatment in a Chinese hospital,” he said. Still, he was pleased with the technical quality of the facilities: “When I had a back problem, it was actually quite good. It was easy to get an MRI, and the quality was excellent. Of course, I also received the advice of a Swiss specialist.”

Luckily for Zhuhai residents, they now have access to both. As someone who has experience with the Chinese healthcare system, Dr. Nicod is happy to help other expatriates through it. If you’d like to make an appointment, you can call the International Department at (+86 756) 3296667.

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