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This job is a full-time position.
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This job is a full-time position.
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I was driving in Zhuhai for over 10 years. Guys and girls you are out of your mind to drive car in Zhuhai or anywhere else in China. If you look at the cost of a car and its maintenance as well as the taxes etc. , did you ever think about how much taxi you can drive for that money ? In the year 2000 perhaps it made some sense to drive car in Zhuhai, but these days the traffic jams are such a waste of time. Stop and go, finding parking spaces that all kills a lot of time. After 10 years of driving car there, I finally sold the cars and took bus or taxi. An accident is the biggest joke in China. As the fellow above noted, and I have my fair share of experiences too, where unbelievable things are happening with the police and other drivers there. My advise is , if you still intend to drive in china, get a dashboard and rear cam for the car to have proof of every meter that you were driving. Even then, if you get hit from one of these ultra rich bozos, you will see how far traffic law goes. Driving car in china opens a large can of worms , if you are foreigner. You can be the best driver in the world and do everything according to the traffic laws, but at the end you have to learn a new skill to succeed - how to twist the truth and mostly how to scream and how to lie through your teeth. In Zhuhai take the taxi. You can read something while in the back, you arrive where you want and can get out right there where you want to. In cities that have subway systems, it is even more convenient. Shenzhen, Beijing or Shanghai. Drive car there is endless useless. You are faster with the subway and the added benefit is that you can do better things during the trip than to play stop an go. Just my opinion. I do not believe in status symbols and like a clean environment.
Man, be careful with chinese marriages. I married one about 1.5 years ago. After I have arranged her immigration to Canada all hell broke loose. I lived with her for 3 years in China. Great family life .. so decided to marry her. Well we did. I went back to Canada to arrange her immigration .. 8 months later she arrived.. or should i say her body arrived. All that made me marry her was lost in transport .. what arrived here was surely not what any man wants. After she received her work permit, health insurace card and all the things required, she took the first job in Canada. . . even that there was no need for her to work because I have enough money to "feed" her. Well as the story goes on .. first salary and guess what .. I came back from weekend camping and the house was empty .. She was gone and so were some things that had certain value. take a look here and re-think .. The situation now is . . cant divorce .. i have no address from her. Well sure i can divorce in Canada but u know what trouble that is with chinese officials ? Yes u can declare her missing and u piss 2 years away of your life in China because it requires 2 years there before u can divorce. So, my frind .. dont be stupid and check properly. Once these chinese see that they can travel, you will not be so important in their lifes anymore. They are good in China .. no doubt .. but never let them out of the country. You bring them somewhere .. u open a can of worms .. they get blinded from the lights .. the golden west ! $ 10 per hour in a job = RMB 60 per hour for them .. Quickly they are gone far far away from you to explore other job opportunities and maybe some other things. Money means everything to them Buddy, careful ! Statistics here in Canada tells that there were just last year in the province of ONTARIO about 5000 cases from marriage fraud. Good thing is that 4700 have beed deported .. not sure how that looks in your country . . but be careful ! cheers PEter

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