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Does anyone know if Sunny Melody has squash courts?

I want to buy my daughter a bean bag for her bedroom, does anyone know a...


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We always go to Phuket during Spring festival, you can get a direct flight from Hong Kong and advantage is they don't close for Chinese New Year unlike places in Vietnam. However cost is higher there so alternatively Air Asia have really good prices to places such as Malaysia and you can fly from Macau so you can go across the border from Zhuhai into Macau in the morning of the flight.
Hi The immigration can depend on specific weekends especially because at the moment mainlanders will be looking to get shopping bargains during the Hong Kong Christmas specials. For immigration the only recommendation I have is if you can get the ferry to HK Island not Kowloon as it is always quieter at HK Island terminal due to the only other ferry being from Macau and no other mainland ones. I always check-in at the airport express in both HK Island and Kowloon, fantastic service and I think you can check bags in up to 1 hour 45 mis before but you should check. Much quicker than checking in at the airport and absolutely no negatives about doing it. Takes about 30 mins on the express train but remember you still need to go through customs at HK airport. Even if you are not rushing I would recommend airport express check-in as you can get rid of your bags and get your boarding pass many hours before your flight time. My family and I have checked-in during the morning for an evening flight and then enjoyed being in HK for the day without bags.
For future info: we've previously stayed at the Westin which is really nice and relaxing, especially because there aren't many mainlanders! Good restaurant nearby called miramar and of course Fernando's.
I have a 6y/u daughter and 4y/o son, we bought them both a branded 'Giant' bike as there are 2 Giant shops in Zhuhai. They are more expensive when compared to the localally produced bikes but really good quality and significantly cheaper than buying branded bikes in Europe, my daughter's bike was less than RMB500.
Hi These sites has some good information of properties including Horizon Cove, Golf Villa, Sunny Melody, Huafa:
Hi Turtle - Thank you for your good input and I congratulate you on your staying power to keep with the good replies. Unfortunately I realised any reasonable debate was futile in the face of a blinkered view. @Matt - It is from the Chinese Govt website showing the official number of public holidays. @Toby - Can you share the website :)
Hi We would be interested in a treadmill and a elliptical, also the barbecue as well. Can u send me a private message letting me know where you are, can you send pictures of them and how much you are looking for? Thanks

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