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Monica Fitness



南海玫瑰园2楼&Fusion Fitness
2nd floor in Coastal Rose Garden III & Fusion Fitness


Monica Fitness Zumba class is now at Fusion Fitness 3 days a week. Monica has been teaching in Coastal Rose Garden for 3 years already and she has quite a following. Her classes are full of energy and a very fun way to work-out. The interaction she has between the group is amazing when they dance in a circle, bump their hips together or wear belly dancing skirts for several songs.

This rage was created by a group of Western women just looking for a way to exercise while experiencing their lives in China. They could not find a gym in 2010 that had an exercise class during the day while their kids were at school. So they created their own class in Coastal Rose Garden 3 clubhouse. Monica was already a certified Zumba instructor. "ZUMBA" is a Latin inspired dance program that originated in Columbia in 2001. It’s now the most successful fitness program worldwide.

Classes take place every weekday at 9:00 AM in Shekou, at Coastal Rose Garden 3 main building and nearby Fusion Fitness.
Expansion of classes continues with the addition of Will Power and Grace and Step Class.
WILL POWER & GRACE is a combination of yoga and pilates. This barefoot class is based on functional training with a fusion of dance principles, calisthenics, yoga postures and core strength training.  All you need is your body weight and your bare feet. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels and has no dancing. It’s held every Monday at 10:00 AM at Fusion after the Zumba class.
Unlike most gyms, their well attended classes are in the morning but Monica Fitness also offers classes at 6:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Coastal Rose Garden 3 main building.

The group has grown into more than 300 ever changing expat women who sometimes do more than just exercise together.
Monica has two other women that help her, which is what makes up “The Zumba Team”. Susie is from USA and Carmen is from Sweden.
The 3 of them also organize healthy cooking classes, lunch outings, and health related lectures. Additionally they have beautiful work-out clothes, accessories and even some Spanish jewelry available.
“It’s all about being happy and feeling good” says Monica. The music makes her feel good and you can see how many of the women continually smile during the class.

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