Chic Group Launches Revolutionary Retail Model

Chic Group Launches Revolutionary Retail Model

A new online and physical mall concept set to be game-changer for shopping in China
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Chic Group, a revolutionary retail developer, launched a new experiential shopping project in Nanjing today.

Serving as the new headquarters of the Chic Group, the Nanjing location is the national nexus point for their revolutionary consumer experiences across China. Construction begins next month in October with a completion date of May 2018.

Comments Chic Group Chairman Charles Fischer “I want to make an incredible, soulful experience for consumers. Brand creators have amazing stories about what they make—some centuries old. Our new mall will make sure that consumers know these stories and come to cherish them.”

Ms. Helen Tu, Project Director says, “We are creating an experience and events based space, for the sharing of these imported products with their souls.”

Ms. Tu adds, “We know it is not easy to keep the spirit of a foreign brand in a cross-cultural setting. But our team has risen to this challenge for the past two-decades, bridging European and Chinese concepts. This road has been revealing to us and we are happy to share these lessons. That way the full experience of the products can be shared at affordable prices.”

Comments Antonio Fossati, Project Partner and Chairman of Salone Franchising Milano, “The future of retail will be to create new experiences for mall concepts. This is what the Chic Group is doing. They are doing this with revolutionary online and offline franchising systems. This will increase sales and create new domestic entrepreneurship opportunities too.”

Trailing on the heels of Chinese President Xi Jinping calls for increasing “internal consumerism” at the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, this new mall integrates the excitement of online shopping with authentic international lifestyle experiences—offering Chinese consumers chances to test drive cars or participate in fashion shows.

It features a special “town square” market area with rotating stalls and stages for brands to rent for short or long-term. The town square will host regular lifestyle events for further brand awareness building. It also features a “motor-city” with a functioning test race-track.

SMEs from around the world are invited to take part in this new and enthralling lifestyle experience mall. Foreign SMEs need not be timid when thinking about competing against larger, more established foreign brands in China. At present, the Chic Group operates 20 multi-brand direct selling enters across China for companies like Italy’s Il Parco stores. They are targeting SMEs over big brands, but welcome all—from Armani to Versace. Indeed, one such global brand is already said to be sponsoring the property’s boutique hotel to anchor surrounding luxury apartments.

The Nanjing location is 880,000 square meters in western Nanjing’s Pu Kou district. Nanjing is just 90 minutes by speed train from Shanghai. Chic’s original online shopping portal further gives clients supreme market exposure. It will soon launch a special App.

Combined, the mall and portal function provide emotional experiences that draw out the essence and soul of foreign made goods. They give the brand “creators” a direct hand in meeting their frontline Chinese customers—all in the spirit of friendship, personalization, and reasonable prices.

There is no need for foreign SMEs to formally open a company and hire staff—the Chic Group does direct sales and buys on consignment. Clients will be showcased at the Nanjing headquarters, as well as promoted online and at their current 20 national direct sales centers. By 2020, Chic plans to operate more than 100 multi-brand direct sales centers across China. The area is said to be a test pilot for a future Jiangsu Free Trade Zone complete with a bonded area and investment area.

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