Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

This job is a full-time position.
We currently looking for a Senior Software Engineer, welcome to join us!
Starting Date:2010-02-04


- Develop firmware and software for embedded/X86 based touchpanel/display centric solution/system.

- Develop drivers for interface, LCM and capacitive touchpanel.
- Portand test Linux/WinCE for ARM9+ based platform

- Participate in new feature define, development,implementation, integration, test and release.
- Resolve firmware/software defects report by QA test team and our customers.
- Provide technical training for customers.

- Help in the product sample/prototype development and verification work.

- Documentation of the software modules developed.


-BS or above in computer/software or electronic engineering or equivalent with 5 - 10 years experience in design anddevelopment of embedded software

- Min 2 to 3 years of experience with porting kernel and device drivers onembedded Linux systems

-Familiarity with firmware and embedded OS (Linux, WinCE); Significant codingexperience in C/C++ on Linux and WinCE platform, Linux preferred.

- Familiarity with ARM9+ architecture and instruction set, SamsungARM MCU S3C24xx preferred.
- Knowledge about YAFFS and other filesystems
- User-interface and touch panelprogramming experience
- Familiar with firmware upgrading overWi-Fi, Ethernet and/or USB connection

- Knowledge of network protocols, TCP/IP stacks; USB andmemory cards interface

-Familiarity with 8/16/32 bitprocessors like ARM/DSP with good understanding of hardware circuit and boarddebug for embedded systems

- Familiar with hardwareprotocols like NandFlash, I2S, SPI, RS232/485, USB, SD/MMC,Wi-Fi, etc.

-Good understanding of software architecture and development process;
- Excellent communicationand collaborative skills
- Proven ability to excel in a fast-paced development team
- Good English language skills;


Email: [email protected]

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