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Project Engineer – Component

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1 August, 2011
Ping Yang
Ping Yang's picture
This job is a full-time position.
We looking for a Project Engineer – Component, welcome to join us!
Starting Date:2009-12-09


1. Testing components (lamp, mirror, tyers, seat belts, glass etc.)
2. Writing technical reports based on the test results
3. Help the client to prepare his product description
4. Study new technical requirements
5. Communication with costumers


1. Mechanical or electric engineer
2. Preferred with test experience in the automotive or electronic industry, not a must
3. very open and good team player, relaxed communication with others
4. English is a must
5. MS Office
6. Flexible to help other teams, willing to travel, OT will happen


Company name: Topper

Email: [email protected]