LCD Production Manager

LCD Production Manager

This job is a full-time position.
We are looking for a LCD Production Manager, welcome to join us!
Starting Date:2010-02-22


-Create staffing plan and build a production staff and workforce that is capable of executing and sustaining the production operation which aligns with the company business goals.
-Manage LCD overall production operation in terms of employee motivation, material control, shop floor discipline control, SOPs control, “5S” control etc. to insure key production performance measures are achieved through controlled and predictable production systems and processes.
-Coordinate the materials, manpower and equipment requirement based on the sales forecast to fulfill the business requirement.
-Communicate and coordinate with relevant departments in order to ensure a smooth work process flow and create the environment that will enable the production line run smoothly and improved continuously.
-Define LCD production KPIs and monitor the performance in terms of product quality performance, on time delivery, product yield, production scrap, production efficiency, WIP turns and industry safety to guide LCD production operation.
-Monitor the day to day operation of LCD production to ensure it is under control and well managed.
-Identify opportunities/initiate activities and drive all related departments for product yield, product quality, productivity and production cost continuous improvement.
-Submit production report on the basis of month and figure out the actions of next step for production performance further improvement.
-Provide assistance to engineering/R&D department for new product/new process/new equipment/new material development.
-Train and coach production supervision team to enable their skills and capabilities can meet business requirements.
-Make joint efforts on departmental business goal setting and annual budgeting process.
-Conduct Performance Appraisal for all LCD production personnel in relation to the formulation of individual development plan and salary review.


-Bachelor degree or above, major in electronic engineering, chemical engineering or equivalent.
-More than 8 years working experience in electronic assembly industry, including 3 years experience at managerial level.
-LCD manufacturing process knowhow, experience with LCD/LCM industry is an advantage;
-Work experience with Euramerican multinational company is preferred;
-Experience with Oracle management system is preferred;
-Good command of English;
-Strong leadership with skills of people motivation and performance management, result-oriented, with team work spirit and integrity.


Email: [email protected]

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