Art and Culture Program and Logistics Manager

Art and Culture Program and Logistics Manager

This job is a full-time position.
Da Wang Culture Highland was founded as a center for art/ culture and environmental appreciation. National and International artist are invited to visit and participate in our program as guests. Artists reside and produce artworks at our center adjacent to Wu Tong Shang Mountain National Park. Da Wang curates and holds several major art exhibitions each year, as well as hold s music concerts and other programs for the Shenzhen community.
Starting Date:Position will Hire by May 15 2012


Da Wang Culture Highland seeks to hire a full time management personnel. Responsibilities will require organizing logistics and services of the art center and artist program. The management will report to the board of directors as well as work in co-ordination with foreign artist director and program staff in the invitation of artists to the program, organization of daily facility needs and logistics, contribute to project planning and strategy. Manager will work with local community and government. Manager will help facilitate projects like:exhibition installation logistics , events promotion, membership programs, volunteer co-ordination, fundraising, logistics of traveling art exhibitions, education programs, art work sales, and marketing strategies. Manager will oversee design and construction development projects. Participate in projects in relation to our branch program underway in 798 in Beijing.

If hired Applicant will work at Da Wang Culture Highland as well as our regional office in Futian Shenzhen.


*Primary language - Mandarin

*English Language Ability: considered highly valuable asset, but not required.

Diverse in requirements and responsibilities; this position requires a high level of energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and teamwork leadership skills, creative problem solving and original thinking. Da wang will consider any kind of past experience in the applicant, as long as the application holds past management ability.

Anyone looking to for an exciting career in a creative culture industry who desires to make serious contributions to cultural development should take advantage of this unique and meaningful opportunity should apply to become a part of this original and challenging program.

All applications will be reviewed by panel committee. Phone notifications and interviews will take place after May 2 2012.


Salary will be based on experience .

Application procedure:

Require materials- 1. Resume, 2. Cover Letter detailing qualifications, 3. Names and contact of two individuals that can provide recommendation for you, feel free to include any other information that will assist you.

Standard Chinese Resume Required, English Resume if available.

Send paper copy direct to-
Zhang Yu Fang
#122 Overseas decoration building ,
Zhenhua Rd. 6F block B
Futian ,Shenzhen Guongdong China

Send and email copy of your resume and application to [email protected]

documents must be in Microsoft Word format or .PDF


Company name: Da wang Culture Highland

Email: [email protected]

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