Best places to appreciate plum blossoms in Guangzhou

Best places to appreciate plum blossoms in Guangzhou


Guangzhou is blessed to have flowers all year around and now it's the right season for plum blossoms. Viewing the plum blossom in late winter and early spring has become a ritual of both locals and thousands of tourists who visit each year. Below we recommend four places to appreciate plum flowers in Guangzhou ― China's flower city.

<strong>Liuxihe National Forest Park in Conghua district </strong>
On the shores of the Liuxi River in Congchua, more than 100,000 plum trees are flowering in the cold of winter. With thousands of clusters of snow-white blossoms covering the hills and the flowing green water, the entire scene generates a picturesque image, especially when appreciated from afar. According to the staff of the Liuxihe National Forest Park, the plum flowers will fully bloom from New Year's Day to January 15.

<strong>Xiangxue Park in Huangpu district </strong>
The most fabulous scene in Huangpu district, on the eastern outskirts of Guangzhou, is Xiangxue Park, one of eight specially designated attractions of Guangzhou selected in 1963. Xiangxue Park consists of thousands of blooming plum trees. When the deepest season of winter arrives, the white plum blossoms make the park look like as if it is covered by snow, and the scene is so attractive that it lures visitors in endless numbers.

<strong>Plum village in Zhongshan Yi Lu </strong>
Plum village, located on Zhongshan Yi Lu, in Yuexiu District, got its name for its hundreds of plum trees planted by villagers before it became part of downtown Guangzhou. The best time to visit the village featuring three colors of plum flowers is January during which the annual Plum Blossoms Cultural Festival will be held on which activities centering around plum blossoms like painting and poem writing are a common scene.

<strong>Plum blossom valley on Baiyun Mountain </strong>
Baiyun Mountain is another ideal spot for viewing plum blossoms. Seven hundred plum trees with blossoms of varying colors from snow white to sunrise red to lady's pink decorate the 50,000 square meters valley, with bees and butterflies flying around and wind blowing the fragrance of the plum blossoms to every corner. People walk about in awe here as if they were in a flower wonderland.

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