Fangsuo Commune

Fangsuo Commune



广州市天河区天河路 383号太古汇 MU35商铺 方所
MU35, B1, Taikoo Hui Shopping Mall, 383 Tienhe Rd, Tienhe District


Fangsuo Commune, which translates rather aptly to “always dwell, forever and ever”, is a delightful blend of bookstore, cafe, art gallery, home design and clothing boutique.Despite the diverse assortment of products and styles, there’s nothing slapdash about this store: a philosophical attention to “culture and life” is apparent in the careful arrangement of each detail. From the poetic menus, to the tables crafted from whole wood, to the garden section featuring “living walls” of grass and flowers, every element of the store is inspired by subtle artistic ideas. But the store isn’t just for artists and fashionistas: you can also find popular international brands here, like Moleskin notebooks or “Y for living” clothing. In fact, Fangsuo is the only store in China to import more than 20 foreign brands! Straddling the delicate boundary between tradition and modernity, haute couture and popular culture, Fangshuo tastefully delivers the best of both worlds.

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(+86 20) 38682327

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