Local organic food seller brings pizza to Guangzhou

Local organic food seller brings pizza to Guangzhou


Guangzhou-based organic food seller, Qingyi, integrated its food-supply business into a new pizza restaurant, OK Pizza, which opened in the city on January 10.

The pizzeria is located near the Baiyun Park metro station. It features fresh vegetable and fruit supplied by Qingyi, being an attempt to expand the company’s business. Qingyi has dedicated itself for seven years to the one-stop production and supply concept of high-standard organic food.

In cooperation with leading agricultural research institutions in the nation, Qingyi monitors its 20-plus production bases across the country. The monitoring system can keep records of a farmer’s produce, test results and check the logistics path for an individual product. The system offers convenience to customers and enables them to understand a product’s origin and production. Buyers can monitor supply procedures by scanning a QR Code on the package.

Qingyi applies cloud computing technology on the supply chain. The shipping orders are automatically generated according to sales turnover. The procurers’ orders also can be automatically completed based on the real-time monitoring of storage status. The technology helps deliverers by planning the fastest routes to the company’s retail stores, as well as to procurers and online shoppers.

Qingyi went public last April on Beijing’s NEEQ stock exchange (The Third Board). As a listed company, Qingyi will expand its business by establishing its own standards throughout every step of its organic food’s production and supply processes. Qingyi also will establish a cooperative platform to introduce more organic food products to its customers.

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