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22 High School Students from Germany had Visited the Environmental Protection Work in Foshan

A delegation from German high school had visited the environmental protection work in Foshan on 7 December, 2009.

It is said that this delegation was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and organized by German Association of European Citizen. The members of the delegation were 22 German high school students between the ages of 14 to 17. They had already arrived in our province for a week-long visit on the province’s environmental protection plan on 2 Dec...

The delegation visited the Foshan Environment Protection Bureau yesterday morning, Le Kangwen, the chief engineer of the bureau had introduce them with the environmental protection details as well as the plan in Foshan.

“Does Foshan score with the environmental protection? How would you encourage the companies doing well at this kind of work and how would you punish the ones who doing badly?” ”Does Foshan encourage the public to use the public transports? And how?”… German students question during the forum continually. Lu Jian’an, the Deputy Consul-General from Guangzhou German Consulate General in Guangzhou, said, he had been in Foshan more than 10 times in recent years and had experienced that Foshan really put the environmental protection into a important position as well as the beautification of Foshan environment.