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A06,Mingpai Business Street,Central Plaza,Nancheng District


Stylish décor, delectable coffee and exquisite cuisines are what make Urban Coffee so popular throughout the city. The yellow, black and white colour tones within Urban Coffee’s décor correspond to simplicity, modernity and youth. From hand-picking coffee beans, to meticulous task of making the coffee, each cup brings you a lavished feel to the mouth. UC also features a diversity of specialties, which are exclusively produced by a renowned chef from The Peninsula Hotel. These foods will delight customers with not only every single bite but a reasonable price too.

Urban Coffee selects four popular dishes that will make a sensation in your mouth. French fire is too common to give attention to, but the finger-food here is spectacular due to its special sauce combination(Italian ketcup,Papa sauce and mustard). The most magical part is that the chips can stay crisp for a long time without getting softened, so even when you obsessively immerse in your conversation, it is never too late to enjoy your chips.

Salmon & Salmon Roe Salad is regularly regarded as “the best friend” of dieters. Salmon tastes fresher with mixed lettuce and you cannot stop wanting another scoop after trying the first bite.

You can never imagine how exciting it will be when truffle has a romantic encounter with cheese. The truffle & cheese toast smells just as enjoyable as it tastes.

Goose liver is so expensive that most people may often see it from the mouthwatering food show but rarely pay for it. So Urban Coffee (UC) decided to make an easy access for customers to begin their goose liver tasting journey. Goose Liver with Apple Sauce ranks the top of the hit food list in UC not only for its irresistible price, but also UC’s special ways of eating it. First, eat goose liver without any sauce and taste the authenticity of the liver itself. Second, enjoy the liver with the apple sauce, which adds some freshness to the liver. Thirdly, relish the liver with apple sauce and a piece of baked bread, which leads you to the end of this

“Not just coffee” carries more than just a coffee culture for UC. Alex, the chief operating officer explains that he is adamant for UC to deliver an international catering concept, together with a brand-new life concept, aiming to lead the trend in the catering industry.

A new branch will soon be meeting UCers in Wanda. The new Urban Coffee enjoys different themes for each of its three sections. The first floor offers café catering, the second floor serves as a business meeting area or coffee classes and the third floor themes popular cartoon characters where animation-lovers can truly have fun.

Urban Coffee以简约明亮的摩登装潢、精心配制的美味咖啡及体贴别致的西式简餐广受年轻人和商旅人士欢迎。内装黄白黑的色调完美诠释UC别树一帜的时尚风格,精选咖啡豆及用心配制的咖啡饮品带给您丰富的口感层次。多元的欧式简餐更是UC的吸睛特色,特聘香港半岛酒店名厨贴心创作,世界各地细选食料,并将高档元素融入亲民价格,随时随地乐享五星级用餐体验。像这样浮夸极致的咖啡店并非司空见惯。


“Not just coffee”不止传达了UC的咖啡餐饮经营文化理念。UC运营总监Alex表示,UC不仅想传播一种咖啡文化,同时想将更丰富多元的饮食理念,生活理念和时尚理念带给UC的顾客。日后Urban Coffee将推出其他周边产品系列如时尚杯子,手提袋和服装等。


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