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Foshan-The 'National Civilized City' Award
Foshan News

The 'National Civilized City' Award - Foshan won the National Civilized City Award this year. The award is based on the city's ability to...

Yasmina Khadra
Guangzhou News

Yasmina Khadra, a veteran Algerian army officer, is about to share his perspectives on art and literature on March 22 at the Fangsuo...

Laborers work at a construction site in Macau
Macau News

The fourth quarter of last year has seen 10 construction projects involving private residential buildings being granted with user licenses...


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Catherine Lew
Zhuhai News

DELTA BRIDGES: You attended college in America at University of Washington. What was your major?CATHERINE LEW: I graduated from the University of Washington, majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Communications and...

DELTA BRIDGES: You started in the restaurant business at a young age. Did you know then that you would become a chef?SIMONE GIANCATERINO : I started at the age of fifteen as a busboy, in very high class restaurant Nido del Falco in...

Bruno Santos
Macau News

DELTA BRIDGES: You are very knowledgeable in cocktails and mixology. Were you formally trained or self-taught?BRUNO SANTOS: I started looking to cocktails as an art and approaching it same as a chef does with his ingredients in a kitchen...

Franco Io
Guangzhou News

DELTA BRIDGES: You have more than twenty-five years experience in the hotel business. What was your first job in the hotel industry?FRANCO IO: It’s more like twenty-eight, I forgot I’m that old! (Laughs) Too many moons ago, I was a...