Macau Grand Prix
The Residences at The Ritz Carlton - Guangzhou
Vida Rica Bar - Macau
Taikoo Hui Bookshop - Guangzhou

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Foshan News

On 22th January 2015, we organized the 5th Foshan After Work Party at the Sabor de Azahar inside Foshan Creative Park. Fifty guests from...

Private enterprises are encouraged to formulate the Wanshan Characterised Ocean Industrial Cluster relying on island environment and fishing resources.  Photo: Zhong Fan
Zhuhai News

VALUE-added output of the private sector will account for 45 percent of Zhuhai’s GDP by next year, according to the recently issued...

Different Ways to Promote Flower City — Guangzhou
Guangzhou News

Guangzhou's image promotion project, "We promote Guangzhou to the world," concluded with quite a few brilliant ideas...




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Eva Huang, Branch Manager at Santa Fe Relocation Services, Guangzhou

Delta Bridges: Your educational background is Business English, so what attracted you to a career in relocation services?Eva Huang: The first time I heard about relocation services was from a friend who worked for Santa Fe at the time. It...

Marcus Maher
Shenzhen News
Marcus Maher

Delta Bridges: In our last interview, you had many projects in the works. What success have you had with these?Marcus Maher: Our social networking project is still being built. It will be going live early [next year...

Bertrand Furno
Guangzhou News
Bertrand Furno

Delta Bridges: With your educational background in political studies and public law, how did you become involved with economics?Bertrand Furno: First of all, the studies in political science in France are not limited to law and politics...

Adnan Yucel
Dongguan News
Adnan Yucel

Mr. Yucel discusses his influences on management, the attraction of Wanda Hotels & Resorts, and his love of Dongguan.Delta Bridges: In your 22 years of experience in the hotel business, what job had the most influence on your managing...